Saraikistan? A story Of Neglection

Why doesn't Seraikistan become a province?

Saraikistan? A story Of Neglection

Seraiki is the second largest language of Pakistan and is spoken by 36.84% of the population.
Seraiki is spoken in 3 countries in the world including Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, while it is widely spoken in Pakistan. Seraiki is spoken in Pakistan in Wasib and Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
According to one estimate, the Seraiki movement has been going on for the last 60 years. Which is run by different people. Their special purpose is a separate province, which they want to name Seraikistan. Because Seraikis live in this whole area. According to the people of Seraiki Wasib, they are not getting their due from the throne of Lahore on the basis of which the Seraiki people demand a separate province. The people of the Seraiki movement offer a number of reasons which are quite correct, some of which are as follows:
1. Whenever the federal budget is made, the Seraiki region receives only 12% of the total budget, which is often transferred to the Lahore government, which is spent on the major cities of Upper Punjab.
2. The amount of river water for irrigation is fixed for all the provinces of Pakistan while the amount received by the Seraiki areas is not met.
3. Not a single factory is set up in the Seraiki region whenever investment is made in the country, while all the resources are available to the Seraiki region.
4. Most of the new employment schemes are opened in the country which are limited to Takht Lahore but they are not even introduced in the Seraiki areas.
۔ 4, 4 universities have been set up in all the major cities of the country and there are only 23 universities in Takht Lahore but only 3 universities have been set up in 20 big Seraiki cities. Etc.

There is a lot of truth in these few things because the government of Pakistan has done a lot of injustice to the Seraikis. On the basis of which the Seraiki people have started demanding their separate province, Seraiki Wasib is a separate region which has been made a part of Punjab by the Takht Lahore government for its own interests.

In these four years, the Seraiki people are becoming part of the Seraikistan movement with great enthusiasm and fervor. Due to this, every political party has been forced to make Seraiki province a part of its manifesto. You can hear and see the post of Seraikistan. Now Seraiki people are raising the voice of Seraikistan province everywhere.

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