Why did Aamir Liaquat marry Dania? The reason has come to light.

Why did Aamir Liaquat marry Dania? The reason has come to light.

Dania Shah has revealed that Amir Liaquat Hussain wanted to earn money through her,so he married her.On behalf of Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s third wife Dania Shah Interviews are being given full of revelations and allegations.In a recent interview,the journalist asked Dania Shah,”Did you marry Amir Liaquat for money?”In response to this question,Dania said,”I never thought so and Amir Liaquat has no money.Dania Shah said,” I think he married me too, because I I can make money for them.”Amir Liaquat used to take me for interviews and he used to get money from there,” he said.

During the interview,Dania Shah also said that Aamir Liaquat used to say that he would make your videos and make money from them.Dania Shah,while showing these videos as evidence, said that Amir Liaquat used to use cocaine, lived in a state of intoxication, used to ask his employees for drugs,in the eyes of Amir Liaqat,the status of these employees was more than me.

Not a single rupee is needed,only divorce Dania Shah added, “I just want a divorce because I can no longer live with such a person.I don’t want a single rupee.”Dania Shah accused Amir Liaquat and added that Amir Liaquat would not even allow me to offer prayers.It should be noted that Dania Shah has also filed a claim against Amir Liaqat for Rs.115.1 million,Rs.50,000 as dowry and Rs. Syeda Dania Shah’s suit for annulment of marriage has been filed in the Family Court.The Family Court has fixed June 7 for hearing on the claim.

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