Who was the only person in the world buried on the moon?

Who was the only person in the world buried on the moon?

Who was the only person in the world buried on the moon?

The moon is one of the signs of nature that plays an important role in running the world system. While the moon also has a satellite of the earth which keeps revolving around its orbit.

The purpose of mentioning the moon here is that there is no life on it and no human beings live here but still a person was buried on the moon who was very curious to go to the moon.
It sounds weird but that’s the reality, now the question arises in your mind who was that person? Which is buried on the moon.

The man named Eugene Schumacher was born in 1928. It should be noted that Neil Armstrong was the first person in the world to set foot on the moon and everyone knows about it and this is also part of the curriculum. However, little is known about Eugene Maker, the only person buried on the moon.
Renowned American astronomer and geologist Eugene Schumacher, who was passionate about the planets, especially the moon, also trained astronauts in the United States.
Eugene used to research the moon, so he had a lot of information about the moon, and he worked with a team of researchers on the moon to create a map of the moon, how the moon came from inside and how its surface. Of

Eugene was not only fully aware of the moon, but he also wanted to go to the moon, and he had a dream. When man started to go to the moon, Eugene was very happy that his dream would come true.

Eugene was convinced that he would be included in the lunar voyage. Eugene had a disease called Edison’s. He had a fever and many other symptoms which prevented him from traveling to the moon.
Eugene died in a car accident in 1997, and he was in Australia at the time, but what happened after his death was shocking.

Considering the services of American astronomer Eugene, it was decided that the remains of his body would be sent to the moon because he wanted to go to the moon.
Similarly, a company called Celester, which used to send the remains of human corpses into space, came together with NASA and placed Eugene’s remains in NASA’s Leonier Prospectus spacecraft, this spacecraft. He went to the moon and threw Eugene’s remains on the moon.

The spacecraft left the world for the moon on January 6, 1998. And so Eugene became the only person in the world to be buried on the moon.

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