Who is that young man?

Who is that young man?

Who introduced shalwar kameez all over the world?
In the last few years, shalwar kameez was worn by either laborers or poor people. People living in cities used pants shirts. And Pakistanis living abroad used to dress like them.

But he is the one person who has introduced the shalwar kameez in the country and abroad. Do you know who that person is? He is the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. He introduced shalwar kameez all over the world. Imran Khan wore shalwar kameez in foreign tour. Imran Khan will go to one corner of the world but he appeared in only one dress. When the Prime Minister of the country prefers such simple clothes, then the people of that country will wear those clothes.
Nowadays wearing shalwar kameez has become a trend and
Foreigners are seen in the same clothes.
Wearing this dress is also Sunnah and people look unique in it. The thing that is fashionable is the thing that is more noticeable.
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