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Who is Mr X ?

Who is Mr X ?

There is a lot of talk about Mr X in Pakistan these days. All PTI leaders and well-known Pakistani journalists are analyzing that he is behind everything. Whether it is intimidation of journalists or torture of journalists and arrest of journalists, all the allegations are against him. Now it is being said that this man is planning to steal the by-elections in Pakistan. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has made it clear in his speech that he is well aware of the activities of both Mr X and Mr. Y. I want to send a message to them to refrain from their duties. They have done as much as they want to steal the election but the people have made their decision and despite stealing their election, PTI will win the by-election.


Mr X has been given the responsibility of stealing adulterous elections in Lahore while Mr.Y has been given the responsibility of stealing by-elections in Multan. Mr. X is an army commander who represents the establishment. His name is Brigadier Rashid. It is said that he call PTI leaders and threaten them and tell journalists that if you tell the truth, you will be taken out of the house.  He are involved in all illegal activities in Pakistan. And he has not yet been stopped by any Pakistani legal body but they have remained silent on all its activities. Imran Khan has made it clear that I am writing in my diaries the name of every servant who is involved in illegal activities and I will hold them accountable when I come into government.


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