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When Ahsan Iqbal Went Out, He Should Wear a Burqa

When Ahsan Iqbal Went Out, He Should Wear a Burqa

Fawad Chaudhry has said that Ahsan Iqbal should wear burqa when he goes out of the house. He further said that the people have come to know that they are thieves and this gang of thieves has been imposed on Pakistan to pardon their case.  The people are now awake and can protect their own rights, which is why they show their racquet when these thieves come out. No party is to blame for this. These people blame PTI to reduce their embarrassment. 


Remember that Ahsan Iqbal went to eat burgers at McDonald’s yesterday And when the people saw him, they began to shout slogans of ‘chor chor’. On which he tweeted that PTI supporters are Burger Elite. When they don’t know how to have a good discussion, they start chanting dirty slogans.


People are criticizing Ahsan Iqbal People say that he himself has gone to eat McDonald’s burgers but he tells the Pakistani people to stop drinking tea. They should first cut their own stomachs and then tell the people.

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