What is the Reason for Farmers’ Strike in Pakistan?

What is the Reason for Farmers’ Strike in Pakistan?

What is the Reason for Farmers’ Strike in Pakistan?

In the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, the farmers are currently protesting. Due to which the Islamabad Police has closed the whole of Islamabad and placed containers on the roads at various places due to which the common people are facing problems. A large number of farmers are fed up with this government and have moved to Islamabad.

The main reason for farmers’ sit-in has come to light. Farmers say that since this government came in, it has made life difficult for the farmer and is harming the farmers from all sides. The government has increased the unit price of electricity. On this, the farmers say that we have sent more bills than the amount of electricity we have not used. Our crops are destroyed and we don’t have enough money to pay taxes on top of the government’s bill. The government is adding more taxes in the bills with each passing day due to which we cannot even pay the electricity bill.

This year there have been record rains in Pakistan due to which all the crops of the farmers have been destroyed and the farmers who have not grown the crops have not even spent the money because they are going through a difficult situation at the moment. The farmers’ union has appealed to the government to help them in this difficult time and solve their problems.

Farmers further said that we appeal to the government in time to give us discount on electricity bills and give us subsidy for planting the next crop so that we can plant the crop easily.

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