What are the causes of load shedding in Pakistan

What are the causes of load shedding in Pakistan

 And will load shedding end in May

One of the most asked questions in Pakistan these days is: Do you have load shedding?

How many hours is late? How many times a day does the light come on?

This is the question that almost every other person is asking during the conversation these days. Electricity load shedding is increasing all over Pakistan these days. They have not even thought about it. Think about something in the holy month of Ramadan. Bad small towns face power outages for about an hour every two hours. In the rural areas of the country, there is only 8 hours of light in 24 hours. Makin Mahmood of Islamabad, while mentioning his problems due to load shedding in recent days, said that before and after Sehri, before and after Iftar, the power is continuously going. Sleep is not complete and no office work is done in peace. In the last decade of Ramadan, people are flocking to the bazaars and markets in preparation for Eid. The beautician, who works in a beauty parlor in the federal capital, said the work was almost non-existent. We are working by running the generator. Power outage is C-off. What the former government did is a question that is circulating in the minds of the people. During Imran Khan’s rule, load shedding was very low. People say they have to humiliate now. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that on May we will completely eliminate load shedding. Just give us a few days to sort things out.
You will end the power load shedding.
The funny thing is that May is coming too.
Will this government keep its promise?
The main reason for load shedding is that power is going out in Shahbaz Sharif’s factories and mills. The people are being humiliated. The holy month of Ramadan is not even considered. We pray that Shahbaz Sharif will be able to fulfill the promise of electricity. Let’s see now.

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