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Virat Kohli Responds, Babar Azam Supportive Tweet

Virat Kohli Responds, Babar Azam Supportive Tweet 

A day ago, Babar Azam tweeted to support Virat Kohli, to which Kohli has responded to day. “Thank you,May you keep shining and best wishes are with you,” he tweeted.

After Kohli’s tweet, cricket fans in Pakistan and India are rejoicing that the wave of hatred between the two countries is slowly breaking. Cricket fans in both countries are hoping that cricket will one day end the hatred between them. A few days ago, Babar Azam tweeted in support of Virat Kohli which was appreciated all over the world. Babar Azam tweeted that “This too Shall Pass.Stay strong. After Babar Azam’s tweet, there was a wave of joy in the cricket fans that the king of Pakistan cricket is supporting the cricket king of India in his difficult time. It is a good thing, Both the Big  players have shown good sportsmanship. Hope it continues like this.

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