Tony Awards 2022: ‘Strange Loop’ and ‘Lehman Trilogy’ take top honors

Tony Awards 2022: ‘Strange Loop’ and ‘Lehman Trilogy’ take top honors

Today we are talking about the 2022 tony award nominations. Let’s get into it that a strange loop would bring home the gold and is the most tony nominated show of the season with 11 tony nominations and all of us are just so excited. We are so hyped that this got 11 nominations. we saw it in dc and I just I knew no matter what people said on the broadway message boards that six is gonna win it’s not gonna win a strange loop was destined to win all the big awards and was destined to get nominated best musical.

A strange loop go from the north country MJ, Mr. Saturday night, paradise, square and six loop is one and there’s no competition. There is no point in arguing that fact.  Yes six is a good musical but strange loop is is a piece of art. It’s a piece of hard work and there is no way that any other musical would beat this maybe if a strange loop wasn’t in the season six would win. But there’s just really no  question.

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