Today’s Man And His Humanity

Today's Man And His Humanity

Today’s Man And His Humanity

The man of today has come a long way. He has progressed in every field of life day and night. A man performs his daily work with the gesture of his hand. Can reach. Man has made progress and he is happy with it but he is not satisfied. It is true, but it is a matter of shame the restlessness with the luxuries is found for free as if together with a package of the free man. In the cycle of resting himself, man has come to terms with nature. The effect of is increasing. Now the weather has changed to a dangerous extent. Many problems have arisen due to this climate change. Many rare species of animals have become extinct and the danger is not over yet. Many are still endangered. By working, the human body has become accustomed to rest and time has been saved from it, but the man himself has become accustomed to rest, due to which man has gone home in many problems. The human body is becoming a hotbed of many diseases. Today’s man is unable to understand that wealth can buy the comforts of the world, not invaluable relationships and peace.

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