Thor: Love and Thunder free 4k download

Thor: Love and Thunder free 4k download

The first Marvel character to have the fourth standalone movie and just so you know this is a spoilerf ree review of thor love and thunder. No spoilers in this article which means some thoughts might come across as a little vague but we will save thee laborations for the spoiler article.

Make this weekend that’s what they’ret here for so rest easy. Thor love and thunder directed by Taika Watiti. It’s a  sci-fi adventure slash 80’s rock comedy.

It feels like an mcu parody that takes place in the mcu. First of all the visuals were great. Well there are some of the actions sequences that were clean. The hits were satisfying or some of thec reative visual calls in here not to say.

Thhey happen at the same time but in the last act there were some visual calls in there were really creative and reminded of a couple of video games to be honest. Natalie Portman works to a degree i didn’t actually expect her to work.

Thor’s love interest in a couple of movies getting the power of thor i mean if spell out a plot line never really required to see. It’s that but with Jane Foster getting the powers of Thor, i was surprised at how vulnerable she still was.

When Gorr scene was going down, there was less comedy and did appreciate that it’s like the movie was like all right.

Let’s take it seriously and before you ask does this have more comedy than Thor Ragnarok absolutely so.  If that wasn’t your thing, this is definitely not going to be.

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Thor: Love and Thunder free 4k download

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