This government will be able to control inflation

This government will be able to control inflation

Will the government be able to control these rising prices? How will Shahbaz Sharif stop the rising inflation? Will inflation be reduced in Pakistan? There is a question that is running in the minds of the people nowadays. Inflation is a big question in front of the people nowadays. This inflation has disturbed the individual of the people. How will these people who can’t handle Pakistan reduce inflation?

If Shahbaz Sharif acted in good faith and did not commit corruption then Pakistan can control inflation.

Will inflation rise or fall?

If Nawaz Sharif sided with the government of Pakistan and gave his time in difficult times, then Pakistan’s inflation can also be controlled.

If it starts corrupting itself then nothing will happen to Pakistan.

That is why Shahbaz Sharif should not think about himself but think about Pakistan and how to control it. This is how to control inflation. If there has been corruption before, then if we work today and in good faith, then Pakistan can have some benefit. The first is to revive Pakistan’s economy and control inflation.

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