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Thirteen-party Alliance Invades the People,Burdensome Taxes

Thirteen-party alliance invades the people,burdensome taxes.The salaried class has been suppressed under the tax burden.For the first time in the country,a small shopkeeper will also pay taxes.There will be a fixed tax on the electricity bill every month.Taxes will be collected along with the electricity bill.Having an imported mobile phone will no longer be easy.The government imposed more taxes.12 to 24 lakh annual income was taxed up to 7%.84 thousand and 12.5% ‚Äč‚Äčincome tax is proposed on income of 24 to 36 lakhs.Two lakh 34 thousand and 17.5% tax will be levied on 36 to 60 lakh per annum.Six lakh 54 thousand tax will be levied on income of 6 million to 12 million.In the same way,along with income, more taxes will also increase.

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