What is ISI? And what are its official symbols? What is the reality of ISIs

What is ISI? And what are its official symbols? What is the reality of ISI?

Pakistan’s biggest strength is the army. ISI stands for Inter Services Intelligence. A secret team that will kill anyone is not even traced. It fights the enemies day and night.

Pakistan’s best intelligence agency ISI is not only appreciated in the country but also other countries fight against it. No one can compete with it.

What is the official symbol of ISI?

The official ISI logo shows that the killer has a snake in its mouth. It is a matter of thinking that the markhor is an animal and the snake is in its mouth and how can this be an official symbol. The answer is that the markhor is the national animal of Pakistan. Markhor is a Persian word meaning snake eating. Markhor animal lives in mountainous areas. Its horns are very big with the help of which it can climb on steep rock. This snake eats with great fondness. The real thing starts from here. India worships snakes. Markhor is eating snakes. This means that whenever India makes plans against us, it eats away at its mouth.

What are the views of other countries regarding ISI ???

The United States says the ISI is a giant that is invisible and does not leave a mark

And it accomplishes things we don’t know

If we had this ISI we would rule the whole world …………..

India says?

There is a space creature that cannot be heard or touched There are so many ISIs in our country that we are worried. This is a team that does not fear anyone but Allah.
Israel’s views …..
Israel says ISI is a creature no one has ever seen or recognized
It is so anonymous that it is not known how the secrets of our country reach them and thwarts our tricks.
ISI is the pride of our Pakistan. We are proud to have such a brave team. Which protects our country from all enemies. She sacrifices her life but does not allow any fire to come on the country. We pray that as long as Pakistan exists
Long live this team …
Amen ..

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