The son had said, “Mother, I am afraid of death. Never leave me.

The son had said, “Mother, I am afraid of death. Never leave me.

After the death of the son, mother and sisters sit by the grave all day. It is said that Allah Almighty never shows the grief of children to parents.” Because parents die while they are alive. And what will happen to those parents who have only one son? Mothers give life to their children. They endure every grief for them. What will happen to them if they get grief of their children.

Abdul Rahman, son of Lerouz Mai, was killed during a skirmish in the Iraqi city of Kurdistan. He died while still alive. Abdul Rahman was the only brother of four sisters. Fulfilled every wish and nurtured it with love. Abdul Rehman’s 23 years fullHe was a handsome young man who left home for a bargain. He was killed during the clash. When his body reached home, his mother and sisters cried and the whole neighborhood cried. His mother says that my son used to say that he was afraid of the graveDon’t leave. Today my son is alone in the grave. Mother and sisters get up in the morning and sit in the graveyard all day and come back in the evening. They go away in their youth and leave others behind.

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