The Nuts Job:Review

The movie begins with a park in the city of Octane, where a squirrel named Surly lives with his mutt.Nuts steal and fill their stomachs.Nikon lives in the same park.Andy and Grayson plan to return together.But Surley He and his friend Buddy have already made plans to return.Arriving, Toussaint looks at Lee and says that we should work together,but Sir Lee refuses.Because he believes that whatever you do,do it for yourself.And he goes with Buddy to rob this nut guard. Surley makes a mistake in trying to save himself,which turns the cart on and takes him off the road.Andy goes there and tries to stop her.She stops for a while.But then she starts walking again and jumps from the same tree.Inside which was stored the animal food of the park.The whole food is destroyed.That is why Surley is taken out of the park.In this shop some crooks are planning to rob the bank.And the bank’s cash count.I am planning to change.Jocelyn finds him near County Cart.He somehow makes this dog his friend.Because that dog belongs to the same scoundrel,he is planning to rob the bank.The scoundrel’s girlfriend leaves him.The same Sir Lee leaves with his share of nuts.The group of rats catches him.Pernikon arrives there.Toser Lee tells him that I know what you want.Nikono has caught him.He cheated on her.He kept the cash and gave her the nuts.That’s why Surley goes behind this truck.Andy is in the villain’s truck, which he sets on fire. But Surley saves Andy,but all the nuts start to flow in the water and Surley also floats in the water.Now all the animals get out of the water together.They all think that Surley is dead and he.They are going there sadly when Sir Lee stands up.They are all for Surley Coopark asks to collect food with him.Surley does ha and everyone is happy.

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