The most expensive buildings in the world

The most expensive buildings in the world

The most expensive buildings in the world

You often see beautiful and unique buildings around you that are not only attractive on the outside but also have a very high decoration on the inside. However, there are some buildings in the world that have a magnificent construction. The budget has been spent which has earned them the honor of being the most expensive buildings in the world – these buildings are beautiful as well as very modern and equipped with numerous luxurious facilities – in today’s article we will show you Tell us about the most expensive buildings.

1. Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest building in the world – 2722 feet tall – it is also the most expensive building in Dubai – completed in 2009 at a cost of 1.5 1.5 billion. –

2. European Central Bank
This is a bank building located in Frankfurt – due to some problems the building cost more than estimated – the building was completed in 2013 and the total cost of the construction was 6 1.6 billion. –

3. Minar Patrons
The twin towers in Kuala Lumpur were the world’s tallest towers from 1998 to 2004 – designed by architect Cesar Pelli – and cost ڈالر 1.2 billion to complete in the late 1990’s.

4. Wembley Stadium
Located in London, it is the first stadium in the world to cost more than 1 1 billion to build – the stadium was completed in 2006 at a cost of 1.5 1.5 billion – and has a seating capacity of 90,000. Is-

5. Bank of China

The building is one of the most notable buildings in Hong Kong – 1,033 feet in length and was the first tallest building ever to be built outside the United States. Billions of dollars were spent.

6. Kyoto Station

Located in Kyoto, the 15-story station building has everything from hotels to department stores. It is also the world’s most expensive railway station. The building was completed in 1997 and cost 1.3 billion dollars. Dollar cost-

7. The Plaza
It is the largest hotel building in the world, located in Las Vegas. The building was completed in 2007 and cost 1. 1.8 billion to build.

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