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The Earth

The Earth

This universe is very big.It has moon,sun,planets and countless stars.Our earth on which we live is a planet.It is very small compared to the sun and other stars.The sun and other stars are very far away from us.That’s why we look so small.Scientists say that our earth used to be part of the sun.One day there was a huge explosion,the earth separated from the sun and began to revolve around the sun. In the beginning it was very hot like the sun.It cooled down and plants started growing on it and other living things started living.

Our earth is like a ballIs round.It is constantly revolving around the sun.The part that comes in front of the sun gets sunlight.That is what we call day.Night is called.There are high mountains on our earth.Big rivers are green fields.Mountains in summer season.The snow melts.So its water flows in the form of small streams.The springs and rain water from the ground flow in the same way.These streams combine to form rivers.There are dense forests and pastures on the land. And there are forests. From these forests we get wood.All these things are the blessings of Allah which are on the earth.Outside of,there are also innumerable blessings hidden inside the earth.Such as gold, silver,copper,iron,coal,oil,gas etc.All these things are hidden treasures in the earth.Man can get these treasures by working hard.


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