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The Current Government Started using Religion Card Against Imran Khan

The Current Government Started using Religion Card Against Imran Khan

Shahbaz Sharif’s government started using religion against Imran Khan. Cabinet Minister Mian Javed Latif of Shehbaz Sharif government declared him non-Muslim while holding a press conference on PTV. This minister declared Imran Khan a non-Muslim by editing various speeches of Imran Khan and making videos.

Basing on the false video, the minister said that Imran Khan has insulted Islam instead of using such words, due to which Imran Khan has lost his faith and is equal to a non-Muslim. It is sad that for this work this government has used Pakistan Television which is a people’s institution and is run by people’s money.

The people of Pakistan are strongly criticizing how our paid television can be used for propaganda against Pakistan’s most popular leader on the basis of this fake news. They are afraid of the popularity of Imran Khan and they know that these people cannot compete with Imran Khan within the election, so they have decided to play the game of religion, but the Pakistani nation knows that Imran Khan is a true lover of Muhammad (PBUH) and Imran Khan is a fan of Islam and his faith in Allah and His Messenger is increasing day by day.

Imran Khan is the only leader in the history of Pakistan who has attracted people to Islam. Imran Khan tells the youth about the history of Islam in every event. Imran Khan played a very important role in bringing the Pakistani nation closer to Islam. This is the reason why people know that Imran Khan is a true lover of Rasool. People have understood very well that PDM parties use Islam for their own interests.

Now the people of Pakistan don’t trust him but Imran Khan has given awareness to the nation of Pakistan and people have become well aware of the politics of Pakistan. The present government may campaign against Imran Khan as much as they want, but the popularity of Imran Khan has not decreased, but people have started loving Imran Khan more than before.

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