Sweet Mango Pakistan Multan

Sweet Mango Pakistan Multan

“History of Multan”

As soon as one hears the name of Multan, sweetness spreads in the limbs of human beings and the stomach of human beings starts turning Multan Multan.
On the one hand, Multani Sohan Halwa is sweet and on the other side it is very sweet and sweet. “I came for Amb Chopan and fell in the garden.”
Multani mango has a warming effect, so it is important to use raw lassi after eating.
If lassi is not used then rashes start appearing on the body and the person becomes a victim of mental disorder.
There is a famous story about an old man whose name was Shah Shamsh who used to visit the circle of disciples when one of his disciples offered him cold sweet mangoes which he gladly accepted and started drinking.
The elders ate three kilos of mangoes in one sitting.
After doing justice to the mangoes, he started looking at the disciples with angry eyes and after remaining silent for a while, he said angrily.
“Raw Lucy, your drink is disgusting.”
The disciples looked at Baba in amazement and said
“Elderly Today, Eleven High Milk (Milk) Got New”
Upon hearing this, the elders came in glory and looking at the sun said,
to be continued…

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