Sri Lanka’s president and prime minister to resign after tumultuous protests

Sri Lanka’s president and prime minister to resign after tumultuous protests

For the past month, Protests erupt in Sri Lanka over economic crisis. The country has been ruled by a single family for the past 30 years. This family has destroyed the economy of this country due to their incompetence and corruption. The family continued to prosper, but it destroyed the country’s economy. The people of this country used to see this family doing corruption. When the economy of the country has been completely destroyed, now they have taken to the streets and are protesting against this government. People do not have money for food and they cannot meet their basic expenses so now they want to end this government.

Sri Lanka’s president and prime minister agreed to resign Saturday after the country’s most chaotic day in months of political turmoil, with crowds storming both officials’ homes and setting fire to one of the buildings in a rage over the nation’s severe economic crisis.

The family did not want to overthrow the government in Sri Lanka, so they did not resign despite strong public protests. When the people of this country saw the indifference of their rulers, they themselves began expelling government ministers from their offices. Now wherever the government ministers see, the peoples throw them out of the vehicles and set fire to their expensive vehicles.

A few days ago, the Sri Lankan government banned the purchase of petrol and diesel in the country. The government says petrol and diesel will now be available to those who have emergency to go out because the Sri Lankan government no longer has the money to import petrol and diesel.

After this decision of the government, the people reacted strongly and the protests increased. Now the people protested outside the presidential palace and overcame all obstacles and entered the presidential palace. Inside the camera video, people can be seen walking inside the presidential palace and taking a bath inside the swimming pool inside the palace. The police tried their best to prevent the people from entering the presidential palace and also made tear gas shelling on the people, but the people crossed all obstacles and entered.

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