Spaghetti and its benefits

Spaghetti and its benefits

In today’s world,people are getting sick due to poor diet and lack of exercise.This disease is caused due to consumption of extra and inappropriate foods. Especially stomach which cannot digest food and It is difficult to get it out of the intestines. This is a very popular medicine.

Spaghetti is a seed whose plant is about one yard high.Is reddish white and black in color.It is tasteless and salivary.It has a cold and moist taste.Its amount is 3 towels from food.The peel of spaghetti is called sebos spaghetti.The benefits of spaghetti are as follows.It relieves constipation and eliminates stomach heat.Satisfies the heat and thirst of nature. Relieves heat fever and blood pressure.It softens the body.Sina tongue is useful for sore throat and liver disorders and asthma diseases.It has also been found to cure the condition of intestinal ulcers and convulsions.

In case of headache.It is beneficial to rub jasmine oil on the forehead by rubbing it in vinegar.Dry cough andFor asthma,use one towel spaghetti daily with milk or water for forty days.It will give amazing relief.

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