Shahrukh Khan Movie”Jawaan”

Shahrukh Khan Movie”Jawaan”

Wood’s brother John Salman Khan praised the teaser of Shah Rukh Khan’s new film and said, “My young brother is ready.”Shah Rukh Khan released the teaser of his movie ‘Jawan’ which was released on June 2, 2023 a year ago, which has been viewed more than 3 million times in a few hours.
Fans who are waiting for Shah Rukh’s return from film Pathan to Nagri, King Khan has announced the release of another of his films.Overall, this is Shah Rukh Khan’s third film ready for release in 2023. In this regard, King Khan said that we are excited for the young.Movie Ben has been waiting for Shah Rukh Khan to come on screen for 3 years, the teaser of the movie Joan is trending at the moment.
Salman Khan posted a teaser of King Khan’s film and expressed beautiful words for his partner in the film Nigri.Bollywood’s brother John appreciated the teaser of the movie, he liked Shah Rukh’s new style in the movie Young, he wrote in his comment with King Khan addressing King Khan that “My young brother is ready”.
The film’s producer and Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan praised Shah Rukh Khan, Red Chili Entertainment and Italy on social media and wrote that it is good for the chief to go now.

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