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Shahbaz government is stuck? China, Russia or USA? It’s time for decision making!

Russia’s big statement, that we are ready to renegotiate the agreement to provide cheap oil to Pakistan.Now the Shahbaz government is stuck.Who to go with,China,Russia or the United States?Now is the time to decide.According to sources,the Russian General Counsel in Pakistan said that when Imran Khan went inside Russia,two things were discussed,one on oil and the other on gas.Russia will provide cheap oil and cheap gas to Pakistan.Now if the government of Pakistan contacts Russia to provide us cheap oil then Russia is ready to give cheap oil to Pakistan.The Russian Consul General has trapped the Shahbaz government by making this statement,because this government cannot take any decision without asking the IMF.This government cannot do anything without asking the United States.Putin, on the other hand,who is the president of Russia,stated that there is no middle state in the world.Either you are independent or you are someone’s colony.The colony does not run anywhere.The colony is never remembered in history,it does not have any credibility.”If you want to be a global leader now,”said the Russian president,addressing his young business people.So it is important that you know what your own sovereignty is.If you compromise on your sovereignty.That we become someone’s slave or take someone’s help or obey someone’s word.Then if you think that your will will work then it is not possible at all.That is why this Shahbaz government cannot take any action without asking the IMF.Now the present government is trapped on all sides.

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