Scientists have discovered the closest black hole ever to Earth.

Scientists have discovered the closest black hole ever to Earth.

This new black hole is by far the closest black hole to Earth, and you can find it in the night sky without binoculars. This black hole is a thousand light years away from Earth. This black hole belongs to this system. Has two companion stars that are so bright that we can see them with our own eyes. But you will not see black holes. This huge black hole has such a strong gravitational pull that nothing, not even light, can get out of it once it gets inside.

Astronomers discovered the black hole and thought that it was present in a binary star system, the binary system refers to two stars orbiting a common mass. When they analyzed their observations, the researchers were surprised to find that a third object was hidden in the system, which is a black hole.

Although astronomers did not observe the black hole directly, they estimated its presence by estimating its gravity with two other objects in the system. After observing the system for several months, they were able to map the orbits of the stars and find out that this black hole is a stellar black hole. Stellar is a black hole that does not emit x_ray. In addition, there could be millions of black holes.

Although you can’t find a black hole by gazing at a star from your home, Skywatchers in the southern hemisphere can see the stars in this system in the night sky without the help of binoculars or binoculars.

Written by Alina Mughal

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