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Russian President Putin Watching Imran Khan Victory

Russian President Putin Watching Imran Khan’s Victory¬†

A new picture of Russian President Putin has surfaced on social media, in which he is watching Imran Khan’s by-election victory in Punjab on TV. On the LCD in his office, he is enjoying Imran Khan’s victory with great joy. People in Pakistan say that the whole world is crazy about President Putin but Putin is crazy about Imran Khan. The relationship between the two countries augurs well for improvement. Imran Khan is the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, if the leaders of both countries maintain such friendship between them, it will benefit both countries.

Remember that Imran Khan’s previous government was overthrown because he visited Russia. On the same day that Imran Khan visited Russia, Russia started a war in Ukraine, for which Imran Khan faced a lot of criticism from the whole world. But Imran Khan remained firm on his position that I have to see the benefit of my nation and not the benefit of the world. If my people get cheap oil and wheat from Russia, why shouldn’t I?. It is hoped that when Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister, relations between Pakistan and Russia will improve further.

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