PTI Power Show Gujranwala

PTI Power Show Gujranwala

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan,while addressing Gujranwala,said that by gathering the big dacoits of Pakistan under an American conspiracy,they overthrew the elected government of 220 million people of Pakistan or the thief came.And the thieves are the accomplices of the same imported government.And the same 22 crore peopleIt is to thwart the conspiracy of the imported government.We will reject the American conspiracy together,God willing! Chairman Imran Khan further said that why am I calling you people to Islamabad.Only because all the conspirators will tell the people that we are a living and free nation.We are not slaves of anyone and neither is Allah Almighty.Imran Khan added that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz both Sharifs are fugitives.As soon as the time comes for them, they leave the country and hide like bandits.One day when the time comes for bandits, they get trapped. Where will you run if you see the sea beating the pomp of the people? There will be no place to hide now an importedConspiracy with the government will be punished.God willing!

He further said that if there were cases against Shahbaz Sharif in the FIA,then Shahbaz Sharif,in order to avoid these cases, made the imported government and the people inside him the Prime Minister and ended the FIA ​​cases.Imran Khan said that Shahbaz Sharif There are great investigators out there who will re-investigate youYour time is not far away. Imran Khan further said that it is important to pay tribute to the Supreme Court for releasing the looters.From the institutions,you humiliated them and fired them. Imran Khan,the people of Gujranwala invited Islamabad for long march and said that we will rebuild the Pakistan whose slogan was pakistan ilaha illa allah!This is strong foundation of pakistan is free foundation Are the last leaders and we are their free ummah.

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