Places to see when Visiting Bahawalpur “Noor Mahal”

Places to see when expanding Bahawalpur "Noor Mahal"

Places to see when Visiting Bahawalpur “Noor Mahal”

Located in the historic city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, Noor Mahal was built in 1872. Do you know why this palace was built and what materials were used in its construction? If you don’t know, for your further information, this palace was built during the British rule for the wife of Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV of the Imperial State. Such people are also among those who come to this light palace made of mud mixed with dal mash and rice. There are those who come to see the glorious signs of the rich state after hearing the words of Bahawalpur province. This is another high and excellent type made of it. The structure of the building is very beautiful. This monumental Noor mahal has been purchased by the Pakistan army. And now he is the owner of the black and white palace. So now this Noor Mahal is included in the entertainment places

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