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People Reaction on Deputy Speaker of punjab Ruling

People Reaction on Deputy Speaker of punjab RulingĀ 

Chaudhry Pervez Elahi could not be elected as the Chief Minister of Punjab even after getting more votes after the Deputy Speaker of Punjab. Dost Mazari ruled that the Muslim League-Q president had forbidden his MPs to vote for Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, so thier vote would not count. After this rolling, there is great anger among the entire Pakistani people and people have come out on the streets.

People are not ready to accept that their vote is sold.

The Deputy Speaker Punjab has violated the court’s score, yet the court will not open at night.


There is great anger among the people of Pakistan that their institutions are watching all this spectacle silently.

If the major institutions of the country do not take action, chaos will spread inside Pakistan.

People are comparing today’s situation with the situation of 1971 and saying that today we have come to know that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was right and that is the reason why Bangladesh is far ahead of Pakistan today. Pakistan’s economy has been destroyed.

Today, Pakistan is drowning in debt, the people of Pakistan are expecting justice from the Supreme Court to avoid political crisis within their country.


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