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Pakistan Has Received a Loan From the IMF or Not?

Pakistan Has Not Received a Loan From the IMF 

Home Minister Rana Sanaullah says we have made difficult decisions for Pakistan’s economy yet IMF has not released loan installment. “The IMF is testing us,” he added. The IMF is not lending to us because of the previous government. He added that the previous government had retaliated against the oposition And false charges were filed against them. I want to ask the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo moto action against the previous government so that future governments can take revenge against the opposition.


Rana Sanaullah further said that we have fulfilled every condition of IMF. After that IMS did not give us loan. Because the IMF is setting more conditions for lending. Pakistan’s economy is going through a difficult time at the moment so we have to make difficult decisions. The Pakistani nation will have to be patient for a while. Now the situation in Pakistan will improve.

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