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Overnight, The Price of petrol was Increased within Pakistan

Overnight, The Price of petrol was Increased within Pakistan

Despite petrol being cheap in the global market, the current government in Pakistan is increasing the price of petrol. This government has increased the price of petrol in Pakistan overnight by one rupee and 37 paise. This government announced a reduction in the price of petrol by 8 paisa a day ago to deceive the public, but after a day it has increased by 1 rupee 37 paisa overnight.

Ever since this government came in, it has drastically increased the price of the product within Pakistan and petrol has become out of reach for the common man. During the time of Imran Khan, the price of petrol was Rs 150 per litre, but since this government has come, the price of petrol has been increased to Rs 240. There has been a storm of inflation in Pakistan due to petrol shortage.

After ruling for three years, Imran Khan understood that if the price of petrol is increased, then everything happens automatically in Pakistan. This is the reason why Imran Khan fixed the price of petrol in Pakistan at 150 rupees, which was much lower than that of the whole world. This government does not care about the people. The government wants to kill the people because of the high cost.

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