Obstacles and conspiracies failed.

Obstacles and conspiracies failed

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Lahore Minar Pakistan meeting should not be held under any circumstances, every possible effort was made but all efforts failed. Life is in danger. He asked PTI chairman Imran Khan to attend the meetingDo not address the meeting through video link. Similarly, other obstacles such as containers were erected on the roads and roads were blocked. The police did their best to keep the roads blocked and in no case open them. The road was blocked on all sides by containers and barriersAnxious that their best efforts should somehow reach the meeting place. But due to the road being blocked, they faced a lot of trouble. After a long wait, angel-like Usman Dar, Ali Amin Ganda came and opened the road. Bring colors and the road opens. The people left for the meeting hallThe meeting was seen as a threat to the present government not to be taken back by force. Every plan of the present government was thwarted to break this chain of slavery. This is the voice of the people, this is the people. Of Pakistan, this is the freedom of the people. The people told us that we are not with thieves and robbers. We are with independent Quaid Imran Khan. We cannot enslave anyone, we want Pakistan of our Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, we want an independent nation and Pakistan. Conspiracies fail, obstacles fail, long live PTI, Long live Pakistan, what does Pakistan mean by La ilaha illa Allah …

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