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Now Only Bumrah or Rain Can Save India from Defeat

Now Only Bumrah or Rain Can Save India from Defeat

England’s position against India in the fifth Test is very strong And England could easily win the match. Because now the English team needs 119 runs to win the match And they has seven wickets left. At the moment Match is completely in the hands of the English team. At this time, the captain of the Indian team, Bumrah, can save India from defeat. Because he has bowled very well throughout the match and is still bowling very well. Today, if  Bumrah gets two to three outs from the top, it will be difficult for England to win the match. 

Another way to save the match for India is rain. If it rains, the match may be drawn. But there is no chance of rain today, according to Egbaston weather. But the fans of the India team are praying that it will rain today and India will not lose the match. If India loses the match today, the series will be tied at 2-2


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