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Naltar Valley,Gilgit Baltistan Northern Areas of Pakistan

Naltar Valley,Gilgit Baltistan Northern Areas of Pakistan

Naltar valley is one of the beautiful tourist spots of Gilgit. It also offers a very beautiful view like other valleys. To reach Wadi Naltar, you have to go through difficult paths which are very difficult. One has to face hardships to see this beautiful valley.

To reach the colorful lakes of Wadi Naltar one has to cross difficult paths. Waterfalls and rivers flowing from place to place attract you. Surrounded by pine forests, this valley presents a very beautiful and fascinating scene. Passing through these difficult paths we reach the beautiful lake Satrangi Lake of Naltar.

This lake is very beautiful and the water of this lake is so transparent that the vegetation of Patal is clearly visible. We reach these valleys through a special jeep. After Satrangi Lake, passing through difficult paths, we reach Pari Lake.

People get lost in the natural beauty of this lake. Nothing fills them except this lake. The fairy lake is very attractive and beautiful. The Naltar valley and Satrangi Lake and Pari Lake in it are the reason for the charm and beauty of the tourists. Tourists enjoy the beauty of this place and want to come again.

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