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MeMes on Ranveer Singh Latest Pics

MeMes on Ranveer Singh Latest Pics

Ranveer Singh had said in an interview some time ago that he can nude in front of thousands of people but now he has done it in reality, on which people are also expressing anger on him and on the other hand. They are also creating memes on him. 

Today Bollywood is in decline while on the other hand South Indian movies are earning at their peak. People are commenting that the heroes of South Indian films have followed their culture while Bollywood heroes have also lost their morals.


A user wrote that if you are bothered by these pictures of Ranveer Singh then let me solve it.

One gentleman wrote that I am not uploading this picture to make fun of Ranveer, but it was very fun to see him.

A brother commented that Ranveersingh’s earnings have decreased so he is doing such pictures to supplement his income.

One gentleman wrote that when Ranveer Singh used to wear clothes, you used to make fun of his clothes, so now he has taken off his clothes to avoid being mocked, now no one should say anything.

One wrote that Deepika padkun took Ranveer Singh’s clothes that’s why he looks like this.

It is bad to make such pictures. Ranveer Singh should apologize for this because these people call themselves celebrities. And he has no such thing as ethics.






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