Let’s Show Everyone Today that God is the Greatest

Let’s Show Everyone Today that God is the Greatest

“Let’s Show Everyone Today that God is the Greatest” said Imran Riaz Khan

“When I was leaving Swat with my comrades, I knew we might be arrested on the way, so I told my comrades to come today and Show everyone that God is the greatest ” Imran Riaz Khan said in his first vlog after his release from jail. Imran Riaz has made many revelations in his first Vlog. “Now I am likely to face more false charges,” he said. Now the police are making a case against me for funding terrorists, possessing weapons and promoting drugs. Allah has saved me from a false case before and insha’Allah I will still be free from these false cases. 


Imran Khan Riaz added that I thank all my brothers, colleagues, lawyers, mothers, sisters and elders who helped me in this difficult time. I didn’t know all this when I was in prison but since my release from prison I have seen your support on social media with my own eyes. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. “Some people are saying that my software has been updated. I want to tell those, who have a patriotic window installed that their software is never updated.”

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