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Karachi girls abducted? Or will you? How will this problem be solved

Karachi girls abducted? Or will you? How will this problem be solved?

Three girls, three stories … kidnapped marriage

Pray for three missing girls from Karachi. Gentle. Dinar got married in Punjab. “No one has kidnapped us,” he said in a statement. We have come voluntarily. And the wedding is also of your choice. We are very happy in our home.

Dua married a boy named Zaheer. Police took him into custody from Pakpattan.

Zaheer says that he got in touch with Pubji Game three years ago and then gradually increased. Zaheer says that Dua has come from Karachi itself. And he got married voluntarily. Dua and I are both very happy.

Nimrah Kazmi, a resident of Saudabad, went to Dera Ghazi Khan and got married to Najib.

Nimrah says I have known Najib for two years. I liked it. My family did not agree. They wanted to marry me somewhere else. They tortured me so I left home and came to Dera Ghazi Khan. I got married to Najib. I am very happy with him.

The missing third girl Dinar went to Vehari and married a boy named Asad Abbas.

Dinar says that he has come up with a statement of marriage of his choice that I ran away and got married. I am very happy in my house.

Whose fault is it? Whose fault is it? Is it the fault of this society or is it the fault of modern age?

Is it the fault of the parents who give their daughters every opportunity to learn the ways of modern times? Stepped up. Parents give their children every sorrow so that our children do not lack anything. But they have tarnished their own name. They have tarnished the name of their parents. And they have made the role of parents a question mark in front of the world.?

What do parents force their children to do ???

Don’t children trust their parents?

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