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Is Imran Khan in Favor of the Extension of the Current Army Chief?

Is Imran Khan in Favor of the Extension of the Current Army Chief? 


While giving an interview to Kamran Khan, Imran Khan discussed in detail that he has no objection that the same army chief has been performing his services until the new election, but when the new government comes, he should select his own army chief. Imran Khan did not talk about the extension of the current army chief. Imran Khan said that he only wants the next army chief to be selected on merit.

Imran Khan said more about talking about that even more than a legal way of Army Chief can talk about my lawyers. If it is better for Pakistan, we are ready to present their duty to the next army chief next month, but when the government will be selected, they will choose their own new Army Chief. But we don’t want Nawaz Sharif to elect Shehbaz Sharif and Zardari as the next army chief of Pakistan because they are all thieves and they have sung aram sial according to their own which has benefited them so we want the party to win the next election. He should choose the Army Chief after coming to the government

If the government announces an election, then I have no objection that the same army chief should perform his duties till the next election. But when the new government is elected, they should choose their own army chief.

A few days ago, Imran Khan was prevented from interviewing Imran Khan, but now the interview has been allowed. In this interview, Kamran Khan repeatedly asked about the Army Chief’s extension to which Imran Khan answered with great skill. This question shows that Kamran Khan was asked to ask this question and that is why. Permission was granted to conduct the interview.

From Imran Khan’s comments on the army chief, it seems that relations between Imran Khan and Pakistan’s army are improving. Imran Khan has repeatedly said in his speech that this country is also mine and this army is mine and this people is also mine. I do not want any kind of disagreement between them. If we can’t do it, we have to take our country on the path of development, then we all have to work hard togetherMust try.

Improved relations between Imran Khan and the Pakistan Army will greatly benefit Pakistan. It will save Pakistan’s economy from destruction and political stability will also come in Pakistan. According to sources, elections cannot be held in Pakistan yet due to floods, so it is hoped that new elections will be held in January 2023

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