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Is Expression of Opinion Banned in Pakistan?

Is Expression of Opinion Banned in Pakistan? 

Pakistan is currently going through the most difficult economic and social problems. Inflation in Pakistan has reached its highest level in 50 years. Along with this, there is a ban on speaking on it and questioning its officials in Pakistan. In Pakistan, anyone who questions those responsible for these situations is either jailed or banned from TV. Because all the media channels follow the signals of the imported government and do not show the truth. This is the reason why the TV shows of the journalists who used to speak the truth on the media have been banned. Now they are either in jail or have left the country to save their lives. The latest example of the restriction of freedom of expression in Pakistan is that the speech of Imran Khan will not be shown on the media channel, it has been banned by Pemra.

Ban on Showing Imran Khan’s Live speech

The latest example of the ban on freedom of expression in Pakistan is that now Imran Khan’s speech will not be shown live on the media channel. Pemra has banned Imran Khan’s live speech, now no TV channel can show Imran Khan’s speech live. It can be gauged from how the imported government is controlling the media channels. The import govt has done this big mistake because people used to watch Imran Khan’s speech¬† on TV but now they will attend jalsa procession to hear his speech because people love Imran Khan immensely.

Ban on the shows of major Pakistani journalists

This import regime has banned the shows of Pakistan’s worst and most popular journalists suppressing freedom of expression in Pakistan. Pakistan’s most famous journalist Imran Khan Riaz has been banned from doing a show on Express TV. Imran Riaz Khan said that he received a call a day before that you cannot broadcast on TV. I asked the reason, but no reason was given to me. Apart from this, Arshad Sharif and Sabir Shakir also had to leave their shows because they were receiving death threats if they stayed in Pakistan, so they decided to leave Pakistan to save their lives. express their views and their shows on TV are banned. Due to the ban on expression in Pakistan, he thought it better to leave Pakistan and sit in a foreign country to express his views freely.

Ban on Social Media.

Social media in Pakistan is currently working freely and the people of Pakistan are expressing their opinions freely on social media. But this imported government has decided that now they have banned people on social media as well. Earlier, people were threatened by calls from private numbers that if they continue to speak the truth, they will be taken away from their homes, but people did not stop and continued to speak their truth. After failing to control the people, this government has now decided to ban social media so that people cannot express their freedom of opinion and this government in Pakistan can exercise its will.

Ban on ARY News

Another example of the ban on freedom of expression in Pakistan is that this government has revoked the NOC of ARY News which was granted 20 years ago. The main reason for banning ARY News was that it was supporting the truth and not the hands of the present government but the truth. That is the reason why it is the most popular in Pakistan. People watch this channel because it supports truth and truth. But this government got confused and banned Pakistan’s number one channel after which people have reacted strongly but it has not been reinstated yet.

Violence against Journalists who Support the Truth.

During the current regime, journalists who have stood up for the truth have been subjected to torture. Threatening phone calls have been made to these journalists that if you do not listen to us, you will be taken away from your home. Despite this, the journalists who have supported the truth have been taken from their homes and subjected to torture.

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