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India Lost the Semi-Final Match Due to an Umpire’s Mistake

India Lost the Semi-Final Match Due to an Umpire’s Mistake

The semi-final of hockey was played between India and Australia in the Commonwealth Games. The match was tied with 1-1 goal at the appointed time and the match was decided on penalty kicks. The first penalty kick was scored by Australia which was saved by the Indian goalkeeper. On which the umpire decided that it will happen again because the umpire could not start the clock. Due to which eight seconds of time could not be detected and this penalty will be replayed. On which Australia scored a goal.

Due to this goal, the morale of the Indian team went down and India lost the match easily. Australia showed sportsmanship and should not have played this penalty but Australia played this penalty again and scored a goal due to which they won the match.

Along with the India, people around the world are protesting that this was a wrong decision. People are protesting how such a big event could go wrong in such an important place. The umpire should have seen it on video to see if the 8 second time had elapsed or not.

Even with so much technology, making a wrong decision by an umpire falls under the category of cheating. Now after this decision, India is out of the race for the final. India will play for the third position.

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