In Imran Khan’s Rally, a Sea of ​​People Came Once Again

In Imran Khan’s Rally, a Sea of ​​People Came Once Again

In Imran Khan’s Rally, a Sea of ​​People Came Once Again.

Imran Khan held a huge meeting in Haripur today. Sea of ​​people of Haripur came to the meeting hall to see their great leader. Imran Khan proved in today’s rally that he is a great leader of the entire Pakistan and the people like him very much, that is why Imran Khan addressed a large number of people today.


In the history of Haripur, such a big meeting has never been held. There are many famous leaders in Pakistan, but no leader has ever held such a big meeting in Haripur. It is Imran Khan’s record that wherever he holds a rally, it becomes the biggest rally. Imran Khan has created a record in every city of Pakistan and held the biggest rally in history in every city. This is the proof of the immense popularity of Imran Khan.


A few days ago, the current government banned Imran Khan’s speech on live media, after which the international media started covering Imran Khan. After the media ban, social media has given Imran Khan full coverage. For which Imran Khan also thanked the social media team in the rally today and paid tribute to them.

The people of Pakistan watch Imran Khan’s speech live on YouTube. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has given the rights to show Imran Khan’s speech to all major YouTubers of Pakistan. Because of this millions of people are now watching Imran Khan live on YouTube.

The current government bans Imran Khan on media but it doesn’t help anything, so this government has started blocking the internet inside Pakistan and YouTube has also been blocked during Imran Khan’s speech. Which has been condemned by the whole world and has warned the government of Pakistan that heRefrain from such acts and do not violate basic human rights in Pakistan.

Despite the bans, Imran Khan is becoming the most popular leader of Pakistan. All the people are increasing the popularity of Imran Khan. That is the reason why today, despite the bans, thousands of people have gathered in Jalsa Gah to see Imran Khan.

The current government is increasing the popularity of Imran Khan immensely due to its stupidity and the current government is getting stupider after stupidity which is benefiting Imran Khan.



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