Imran Khan’s Foremost Address at the Peshawar Powershow

Imran Khan’s Foremost Address at the Peshawar Powershow

Imran Khan’s Foremost Address at the Peshawar Powershow

PTI Chairman Imran Khan said in the meeting that “first of all I would like to thank this caste
Who created us. Then he said that Peshawar would like to thank everyone for this wonderful welcome. On Sunday when our nation is out all over Pakistan. Turns out I want to thank my entire nation. You have become a nation. Pakistan has become a nation. Imran Khan said that whoever thought that from the outside. Imported Government of the United States. It will divide the nation. The people came out on Sunday and told that the United States imported government disapproved. All these governments imposed from outside are people on bail”.

Imran Khan further said that ” today we have to decide whether we want slavery or freedom
I will turn my proud people against these dishonest people honorable Pakistanis, we do not believe in any dishonorable government. I will go out in every city of Pakistan. Addressing the gathering, Khan made it clear that Shahbaz Sharif has corruption cases worth Rs 40 billion
Shahbaz Sharif’s son Nawaz Sharif on bail Nawaz Sharif’s son fugitive and daughter on bail,
Whoever thinks we will accept thieves, listen carefully, this is not the Pakistan of 1907
This is the age of social media and the age of internet, millions of people have mobile phones and no one can turn off their voice. This is not the Pakistan of 1970 when Mir Jaffar executed Bhutto”.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan further said that “I ask my judiciary what was my crime that you set up courts at midnight in the dark of night what was my fault. Obey your institutions in my esteemed judges. I have never said anything against my institutions in my life. Imran Khan is giving a call to the people all over the country. I have a meeting to take to the streets on Saturday. The letter said that if Imran Khan did not stay, Pakistan’s mistakes will be forgiven
Americans do not need your forgiveness. I would like to ask the institutions whether our nuclear program is safe in the hands of these bandits. Are you putting the security of Pakistan in the hands of these thieves? Is there no fear of God in you?”.

Khan further said that “Shahbaz Sharif called the nation a beggar. Shahbaz Sharif, you are a beggar, you are a slave. When beggars rise, they forget their times. And how small are the balloons with a little air the flower are going. Your prey may attack you. A wound that has been eaten can return. The chessboard is still there, don’t be arrogant yet i can also turn the dice. Moreover, those who want to make us beggars, we have made them rulers. They say that if the ruler is a thief, then what will happen to the people? Nawaz Sharif thinks he will get NRO II Nawaz Sharif, don’t be misunderstood. We and our nation are waiting for you”.

“Get ready young people i will take to the streets with you now we will force elections from you this is our claim. They used to tell you that Imran Khan would go public. The pots will be read and now it will be known who reads the eggs in public. The real war of liberation has now begun. Pakistanis reject imported government”. In the end, he said”I will never bow down to anyone nor will I allow my people to bow down to anyone. We will not bow down to anyone except Allah”.



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