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Imran Khan reply to Ahsan Iqbal in Lodhran Jalsa

Imran Khan reply to Ahsan Iqbal in Lodhran Jalsa 

Imran Khan held the largest and most successful rally in the area of ​​Jahangir Tareen. A large number of people came to the Jalsa hall to express their love for Khan. Many Senior journalists and reporters say it was the largest rally in Lodhran’s history. Addressing the gathering, Khan replied to Ahsan Iqbal that you say that Imran Khan has spoiled the nation, I have not spoiled the nation but I have made the nation aware. The nation knows that calling a thief a thief is not a crime. That is why today I say that your leader Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz, Salman Shahbaz and ministers like you are all thieves. Thieves have no respect in society but are humiliated and disgraced as has happened to you.


Remember that a few days ago Ahsan Iqbal went to McDonald’s where a family saw him and started shouting slogans. On which Ahsan Iqbal while giving a press conference had said that Imran Khan has spoiled his workers. He has not been taught distinction and awareness but has been taught to tarnish the image of his political opponents. The family later went to Ahsan Iqbal’s house to apologize.

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