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I salute your courage and bravery in Imran Riaz Khan.

The arrest of senior journalist Imran Khan Riaz has made the people of Pakistan even stronger and more fearless. Pakistani actors also salute Imran Riaz Khan’s courage and bravery. Everyone is proud of Pakistan’s senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan and journalists like him who tell the truth. And we are proud that we have journalists like Imran Riaz Khan in Pakistan who tell the truth.

Pakistani actor Shahrooz Sabzwari has said that there are journalists in Pakistan like Imran Riaz Khan who are very brave and fearless. Allah Almighty has a special grace on Pakistan that we have senior journalists like Imran Riaz Khan. They do not bow down to anyone, are not afraid of anyone and do not sell to anyone. Finally, Shahrooz Sabzwari said, “I salute your courage and bravery in Imran Riaz Khan.”

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