Hunza Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan and Karakoram Highway

Hunza Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan and Karakoram Highway

Hunza Nagar Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan and Karakoram Highway. This beautiful valley is located about 112 km north of Gilgit. Moving towards this valley we see high mountain peaks all around us. And they have a beautiful white peak in the cluster of peaks. This white peak spreads its beauty by changing sides. It is not only the goddess of beauty but also the queen of beauty for the white tourists. Tourists enjoy the charm and beauty of this valley a lot. This peak touching the sky in height is known as Raka Poshi in Pakistan and all over the world. Hunza Nagar is inhabited on both sides of the Karakoram Highway. These areas are very beautiful due to high peaks, glaciers, waterfalls and rivers. One of the special reasons for visiting these fascinating valleys is the beautiful view of the Karakoram highway wrapped at the foot of the high mountains.This highway built by cutting through these high mountains is not only a long road but also a bearer of centuries old civilization and culture. This highway has been built on the same ancient route known as the Silk Road in the old world, which was used by traders coming from China.

Thus, every view of the Karakoram highway presents a fascinating scene. But in Hunzanagar, the beauty of this highway is on its full potential. The green swaying trees on both sides of the highway feel cool to the eyes.

The way of life in Hunza Valley is very simple. More than 90% of the population here is literate and these people are very beautiful, civilized, peaceful and very hospitable. Hunza has a lot of apricot, cherry, walnut and apple trees. Different types of apricots are found here, which are very famous because of their excellent taste and excellent aroma. It should be noted that the Hunza Valley is also called the land of apricots. The beauty of this valley can be seen not only in spring but also in autumn in the form of rain of red, yellow, green and golden colored leaves. This valley is not only beautiful but also very healthy due to its clean climate. The beauty of this valley has a magical power within it. It attracts travelers from distant regions and countries.

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