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Huge Numbers of People Turned to the Parade Ground for PTI Jalsa

Huge Numbers of People Turned to the Parade Ground For PTI Jalsa

 PTI Jalsa at Parade Ground in Islamabad. It has been attended by a large number of people. This is the largest rally in the history of Islamabad. No Pakistani political party has held such a big rally before in Islamabad. Such a large number of people in Jalsa have once again proved that the entire nation of Pakistan stands with Imran Khan. People come out of their houses in a crowd on a call from Imran Khan. Today, the Pakistani nation has proved that it is a living nation And can do anything for the development of Pakistan. PTI is known for holding Jalsas and has held big Jalsas in the last few months but this Jalsa is the biggest rally. The reason for the large number of people attending the Jalsa is that the people are fed up with the imported government. And can no longer tolerate them while ruling Pakistan. People have pinned all their hopes on Imran Khan and are considering him as the architect of their future. May Allah Almighty grant Imran Khan the ability to fulfill the expectations of the people of Pakistan.

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