How Much Money was Collected in Imran Khan’s Telethon?

How Much Money was Collected in Imran Khan’s Telethon?

 How Much Money was Collected in Imran Khan’s Telethon? 

Imran Khan held a telethon tonight to raise money for flood relief. In which the famous anchors of Pakistan Film Stars and Sports participated. Imran Khan requested the people of Pakistan and especially the Pakistanis living abroad to donate money to help the flood victims. which we can spend to help the flood victims.

                          On the request of Imran Khan, Pakistanis generously donated money to help the flood victims.All Pakistanis collected Rs.524 crore within three hours. This makes it easy to guess that Pakistan is the most charitable nation in the world.

Imran Khan said that whenever Pakistan needs Pakistanis living abroad, they help Pakistan. And with every difficult time, overseas Pakistanis stand with Pakistan. These overseas Pakistanis have always generously given me money. With the help of Pakistanis living in the country, they built Shaukat Khanum, Nimal University and in every difficult time they have given money for Pakistan. I pay special tribute to them and thank them for his services.


Imran Khan that Dr. Sania Nishtar is leading this fund. In this telethon, Imran Khan explained how this fund will be transparently spent on flood victims in Pakistan. Imran Khan said that he himself will help this fund and he will help the flood victims with all his hard work. Imran Khan says that he will now fully help the flood victims and he will also continue his true freedom movement.

Imran Khan further said that the current government is resorting to flood so that we should give up the effort of real freedom and allow these thieves and robbers to rule over us. I can’t bear it all. I will not allow you to impose on these thieves and robbers. I will now help the flood victims more than ever but at the same time continue my true freedom fight.

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