How is Envelope Journalism Done in Pakistan?

How is Envelope Journalism Done in Pakistan?

How is Envelope Journalism Done in Pakistan? 

Cover Journalism in Pakistan is a bitter reality that goes real. Today we will tell you some methods of cover journalism in Pakistan.

There are some people in Pakistan who use journalism to make money and take money from big political parties to make statements in their favor and advance their narratives.
These journalists are also called WhatsApp journalists because they receive messages on WhatsApp and forward the same messages. These journalists are brainless because they retweet the exact same message that gets them caught.

These journalists call themselves credible journalists. But in reality they are not like that but they are sold with money. Journalists are easily caught because they all tweet the same thing word for word, that’s why people easily recognize them and don’t listen to them.

People who sell this faith for money do not like you. This is why they have negligible followers on YouTube and people don’t give them any credit, which is why these people sell their faith.

It can be seen in these tweets that Mubasher Luqman and Ghareeda Farooqui copied the message from WhatsApp and tweeted the word verbatim.

If on one side there are enveloped journalists, on the other side there are also journalists who support truth and truth. For truth and truth, they have served jail time and endured persecution but did not leave the side of truth. People trust journalism because of such a journalist.

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