How Good Was Frozen.

How Good Was Frozen

This movie is the story of two sisters Elsa and Anna. Elsa has magical powers in her hands. Everything she touches turns to ice. That’s why Elsa is locked in a room. Elsa ‘s parents have to go out of work. The storm comes and their ship sinks and his parents dieEveryone wants Elsa to be a queen. When Elsa is going to be a queen, everyone loses her power. And then everyone is called a witch. That’s why Elsa has to go from there. She goes far away then her sister Anna goes to look for her. Elsa reaches a mountain and builds her own palace. Elsa builds a snowman He puts her in jail. Anna goes to rescue Elsa and it turns to iceElsa cries a lot and hugs them. Then Anna slowly becomes normal and Elsa removes the fence from her kingdom. This is how the movie ends.

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